Project Description

The Active and Intelligent Packaging Industry Association (AIPIA) is a worldwide association promoting high tech packaging solutions. AIPIA’s mission is to decimate supply chain costs, reduce waste and increase profitability by the implementation of high tech solutions in packaging. AIPIA is a hands-on association with the aim of boosting business in the Active and Intelligent Packaging industry.

AIPIA believes that active and intelligent technologies in packaging are a ‘once in a generation’ change in the sector. Not only will they alter the role of packaging in the marketplace, but also facilitate better business through premium pricing, supply chain management, improved security/brand protection and waste reduction. AIPIA is well placed to bring together all parts of the supply chain to develop standards, implementation processes and communications platforms between production, packaging, logistics and the retailers. AIPIA will monitor and react to new regulation and legislation about food waste.

AIPIA connects its members with the right people and products, and informs them about the latest innovations and ideas. AIPIA promotes, connects and supports active and intelligent packaging worldwide and will play a very significant role in the marketing of products.

Role in NanoPack:

  • Leading the Stakeholder Forum, composed of representatives of opinion leaders, regulators, food producer associations, food industry, retailers, and consumer organisations.