Project Description

Vertech Group is a French research intensive SME that focuses its business on providing advanced environmental and sustainable solutions for different sectors such as advanced material manufacturing. Vertech Group specialises in sustainability assessments of novel technologies and innovative materials and is a National and European expert on the application of LCAs and LCCs to several industrial sectors. Vertech Group is member of the French Life Cycle Assessment Platform AVNIR, The Forum for Sustainability through Life Cycle Innovation, the Indian LCA Alliance and the Ibero American Life Cycle network. The staff of Vertech Group has over 10 years of experience in international cooperation, coordinating and executing R&D projects and WPs, related to LCAs, Social LCA, and sustainable industry design. The headquarter of the company is located in Nice, France. Vertech is also present in Spain and has expansion plans to other markets besides Europe (e.g. South America). The expertise and capabilities of the Vertech Group include:

  • Sustainability Assessments
  • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA): Environmental impacts of innovative processes and products. Analysis of ecological footprint
  • Life Cost Cycle (LCC): CAPital Expenditures and OPerational EXpenditures definition (CAPEX and OPEX)
  • Social Life Cycle Assessment (S-LCA): socio-economic impacts.
  • Exploitation of results: innovative products ranking, general and specific market analysis, SWOT analysis, business model, business plans.
  • Techno-economic analysis and technical, economic, environmental and social risk assessment of novel technologies

Role in NanoPack:

  • Leading the Life Cycle Assessment & Cost Benefit Analysis activities on all stages of the packaging production and use. The analysis will address the three pillars of sustainability: The environmental impacts (LCA), the life cycle costs analysis and economic feasibility (LCC) and the evaluation of the social and socio-economic impacts (Social-LCA) derived from the implementation of the proposed processes and materials.
  • Carrying out market analysis and participating in consumer and retailer behaviour studies, including dealing with ethical issues related to data protection.
  • Contributing to dissemination and communication activities.