Nanotechnology in food packaging

Nanotechnology has a broad spectre of applications, including sensors, pharmaceutical and drug products, aerospace industry and many more. It is not yet widely used in the food area, but also here nanotechnology is predicted to have an important impact. Areas that could potentially benefit from nanotechnology are agriculture, food packaging, supplements and processing. “Nano” is [...]

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The first pilot scale production of NanoPack packaging films takes place at Constantia Flexibles

The first pilot scale production of NanoPack packaging films were produced at the production site of Constantia Flexibles (CFlex) in Vienna, Austria. Two different NanoPack packaging films were produced, a multilayer polyethylene cast film and an extrusion coated aluminum foil. Polymer resins containing halloysite nanotubes (HNTs) loaded with a mixture of natural essential oils were [...]

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New promising shelf-life extension results in bread by CTIC-CITA

After the rewarding results from cherries tests, which you can check in our earlier post, there come results from new bread trials. This month several trials have been performed on bread and, specifically, on a bread recipe from the Portuguese bakery Pão de Gimonde (wheat-bread loaves of 300 g with 60 % hydration), produced at Ctic [...]

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Tests with cherries packed in standard film and NanoPack film by Ctic Cita

Ctic Cita is a technological centre devoted to attend the research and technical needs required in the agro-food industry. Among the main challenges faced by the industry, which therefore Ctic Cita assumes as its own, it is worth highlighting the following 4 challenges: These challenges are the driving force behind Ctic Cita’ s will to join [...]

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Active And Intelligent Packaging In Bakery

If what we in the profession call Active packaging – those that can extend shelf life, monitor condition of products, indicate that condition, or stabilize product condition for extended periods – do their job properly, then that is a Smart solution. All Active and Intelligent Packaging (A&IP) is Smart, from a certain point of view. [...]

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Plastics Be Damned!

This blog post was contributed by Andrew Manly, Communications Director at the Active and Intelligent Packaging Industry Association (AIPIA). The NanoPack project to create a new generation of antimicrobial flexible plastics food packaging is an excellent example of how the industry is responding, and has been responding for decades, to the demands for better management [...]

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NanoPack is moving to the next level: Pilot film production

One of NanoPack's goals is to produce an antimicrobial film that could be used for food packaging to prevent spoilage, thus increasing food shelf-life and reducing food waste. But what has been achieved one year from the start of the project? The main achievement was the successful scale-up for the film production. This was possible thanks [...]

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The future of packaging is already here!

Intelligent and active packaging have emerged as new packaging systems. These technologies are changing the packaging’s passive role, of being just a container, to having a functional role to increase food shelf-life and monitor freshness. What are these packaging technologies about? Intelligent packaging with a time indicator Intelligent packaging uses an external or [...]

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NanoPack attended the first EPPN workshop

NanoPack attended the first workshop of the "European Pilot Production Network" (EPPN) on November 28, joining other H2020 pilot projects funded under the Industrial Technologies Programme in the area of Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials (NT&AM). Since 2014, 35 NT&AM pilot projects have been launched, accounting for over 200 M€ funding and representing over 80 piloting [...]

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NanoPack Hackathon at the AIPIA Congress 2017

The NanoPack project was prominently represented at the AIPIA Congress 2017, which took place on 2-3 November 2017 in Amsterdam. The centrepiece of day one of the AIPIA Congress 2017 was the ‘ideas’ hackathon on the topic  ‘The Acceptance of Nanotechnology ’ which was jointly coordinated by AIPIA and NanoPack. The hackathon brought together delegates [...]

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