NanoPack attended the first EPPN workshop

NanoPack attended the first workshop of the "European Pilot Production Network" (EPPN) on November 28, joining other H2020 pilot projects funded under the Industrial Technologies Programme in the area of Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials (NT&AM). Since 2014, 35 NT&AM pilot projects have been launched, accounting for over 200 M€ funding and representing over 80 piloting [...]

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NanoPack Hackathon at the AIPIA Congress 2017

The NanoPack project was prominently represented at the AIPIA Congress 2017, which took place on 2-3 November 2017 in Amsterdam. The centrepiece of day one of the AIPIA Congress 2017 was the ‘ideas’ hackathon on the topic  ‘The Acceptance of Nanotechnology ’ which was jointly coordinated by AIPIA and NanoPack. The hackathon brought together delegates [...]

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Antimicrobial food packaging based on nanotechnology

EFFoST is excited to have Professor Ester Segal as a keynote speaker at the 31st EFFoST International Conference. She is one of the leading experts in research concerning the applications of novel nanotechnology in biotechnology, medicine and food engineering. Her presentation will focus on NanoPack, a research project which aims to develop state-of-the-art antimicrobial packaging [...]

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NanoPack’s contribution to European Parliament’s 2030 waste reduction goals

The European Parliament has made proposals to reduce the EU 88 million tonnes of waste per year in half by 2030.  In particular, MEP’s have called upon the European Commission to lift existing restrictions on food donations and eradicate consumer confusion surrounding “best before” and “use by” labels. Aside from food donations and date labels, [...]

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NanoPack took its message and ambitions to several international events during the Spring and early Summer. Consortium partner AIPIA, the Active & Intelligent Packaging Industry Association gave several presentations featuring the NanoPack project in both Europe and Asia: INTERPACK , Germany, May 2017 The biggest packaging show on the planet features over one hundred presentations [...]

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