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  • Enhance food safety for consumers by inhibiting growth of microbes in food products, which will prevent early spoilage and foodborne illness outbreaks;
  • Prolong the shelf-life of food products by up to 25%, which will help to reduce the staggering 1.3 billion tones of food wasted per year. Food losses and food waste lead to major economic losses, cause significant harm to the environment, and have a negative impact on food availablity and food security;

  • Position Europe as a global leader in food nanotechnology and smart antimicrobial packaging and increase competitiveness and growth of the industry;
  • Reduce operational costs for food manufacturers, packers, shippers and retailers will stem from reduced wastage due to food spoilage which may in turn lead to lower food spending by consumer;

  • Encourage technology transfer through the industrial and scientific community to build an educated workforce;
  • Enable manufacturers across the supply chain (including SMEs) to take advantage of the technology developed during the project.