As a developer of cutting-edge nanotech-based packaging materials, NanoPack is fully committed to addressing the complete research-development-innovation cycle.

The project aims to provide and demonstrate a solution for extending food shelf life by using novel smart antimicrobial surfaces in active food packaging products. The NanoPack packaging materials will prolong food shelf life by 20–25 percent, while maintaining taste, nutrition, color and other factors. As a result, food can be kept fresh for much longer without altering taste or aroma or adding preservatives to the food itself.

The project’s innovative solutions will add value to the entire value chain of the food industry by offering different market players the following advantages:

  • Consumers – will benefit from increased consumer attractiveness due to enhanced food safety and reduced food waste

  • Food industry – will enjoy increased food shelf life enabling food producers to enter new global markets that otherwise would not be accessible

  • Food packaging manufacturers – will be able to adopt novel active food packaging while using existing production lines, allowing them to offer significant added value and higher profit margins

  • Raw materials manufacturers – the technologies for manufacturing loaded nanocapsules and their incorporation within polymers could be customized for the production of a wide variety of nanocapsules with different properties.

  • Service providers – loading nanocapsules with sensitive payloads provides increased efficiency, while endowing them with unprecedented thermal stability.

NanoPack strives to promote its novel technology and turn it into innovative products that will be offered to the market shortly after the project has ended. To achieve this, it intends to share its knowledge in order to boost the adoption of its new packaging solutions.