Ctic Cita is a technological centre devoted to attend the research and technical needs required in the agro-food industry. Among the main challenges faced by the industry, which therefore Ctic Cita assumes as its own, it is worth highlighting the following 4 challenges:

These challenges are the driving force behind Ctic Cita’ s will to join NANOPACK Project. As a partner of the project, Ctic Cita is developing several tests on different food types in order to check NanoPack works and indeed extends food shelf life.

So far, tests have been made on fresh fruits, specifically cherries. Cherries were packed in standard film and NanoPack film at the same holding temperature for 14 days and then transferred to an ambient temperature for 4 days. The results have shown that NanoPack film extends the shelf life of cherries by 2 days. Only 33 % of the cherries packaged in commercial film were saleable, compared to the 73 % of NanoPack’s. These results indicate that the two-day increase in shelf life corresponds to an added value of 40 % increase in saleability.

In the coming weeks, tests will be made on bread, so we’ll keep you updated about the progress (hopefully) being made.