Project Description

The MAPP Centre, part of the Department of Management at the School of Business and Social Sciences of Aarhus University, is a world-renowned competence centre for research on consumer behaviour with regard to food and drink, and on the implications of consumer insight for new product development and public policy.

MAPP has a long track record of studies on acceptance of new technology in the food area by consumers and retailers. Relevant previous EU-funded projects include RECAPT (coordinated by MAPP), dealing with the role of retailers in the diffusion of new food-related technologies, CONNECT4ACTION on innovation management in the food area, NOVELQ on high pressure and pulsed electric field technology, CROSSENZ on new enzyme technology, plus several nationally funded projects on the role of food packaging in terms of functionality and as a communication device.

Role in NanoPack:

  • Contributing to exploitation and business planning activities, including responsibility for conducting acceptance studies with consumers and retailers.