Project Description

Pão de Gimonde is a Portuguese SME bakery that links tradition with innovation. It is located in Gimonde, a small, cosy village in the northeast of Portugal. The enterprise was raised by an uncle of the current owner. In more detail, in 1986 Mr. Manuel Ferreira and his wife took over the command of the business and in 2000 they constituted the society M. Ferreira & Filhas, Lda, composed by Mr. Manuel António Ferreira, wife and daughters, passing the whole family to do part of the company and being responsible for the decision-making and development of strategies, quality and customer’s satisfaction, giving strength to the mission of recreating the entire tradition of producing artisan handmade bread, providing “the real taste of old times”. This family business has applied process innovation mainly in what concerns the industrialization of the process; however, the secret is still well kept in the hands of this family, which bake bread in firewood ovens, following old recipes and forms of production, to maintain the real taste of tradition.

Role in NanoPack:

  • Participating in pilot testing of packaging of bakery products, to enable assessment of improvements in shelf life under actual production conditions.