Project Description

The European Food Information Council (EUFIC) is a non-profit organization which provides science-based information on food safety and quality and health and nutrition to the media, health and nutrition professionals, educators and opinion leaders, in a way that promotes consumer understanding. EUFIC’s mission is to enhance the public’s understanding of such issues and to raise consumers’ awareness of the active role they play in safe food handling and choosing a well-balanced and healthy diet.

With its offices located in Brussels (Belgium), EUFIC counts on and liaises with a European network to enhance the impact and outreach of its communication instruments and programs in other countries. EUFIC actively participates in European initiatives together with the European Commission Directorate Generals for Research (DG Research) and for Health and Consumers (DG SANCO), where it contributes to a number of projects as a research and dissemination partner.
EUFIC issues several publications, such as Food Today, a newsletter that highlights subjects of current interest and is distributed to over 26,000 scientists, educators, media and other communication multipliers in 12 languages, EUFIC Reviews on topical issues, or leaflets on healthy eating for kids and adults. EUFIC also uses new technologies such as podcasts and webinars to disseminate key messages quickly and efficiently. EUFIC also regularly conducts research to gauge consumer attitudes towards specific nutrition and food safety issues.

Role in NanoPack:

  • Leading dissemination and communication activities
  • Participating in consumer acceptance studies