On the 4 – 6th September 2018, the NanoPack Work Packaging Leader Meeting was held at Constantia Flexibles (CFlex) in Vienna, Austria. The main objective during these 3 days was to review the project’s progress. For each work package, the main results, challenges and possible solutions, and the activity planning for the next 6 months were discussed.

A tour was arranged at the production site of CFlex and the team got the opportunity to see the project’s progression. The first large scale production of multilayer NanoPack packaging films using was successfully demonstrated. Additional pilot tests to produce NanoPack packaging films with different compositions will be realized in the following weeks.

It was a perfectly arranged and successful project meeting. Furthermore, the NanoPack was positively reviewed by the European Commission. The NanoPack team is looking forward to the next project meeting, which will take place in February 2019.